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Seven Wardens: The Complete Series Collection

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Dive into the complete Seven Wardens series and read along as Macey and her fellow Wardens save the world, fall in love, and hopefully get home in time for waffles.

Bursting at the seams with unusual mythology, including kelpies, selkies, daimons, kabouters, beithirs and more, the complete collection includes stunning drawings of the creatures within. 

This fantasy reverse harem series is almost half a million words long and full of delicious hunks and the kickarse heroine who they love and protect (not that she needs protecting). 

This collection includes:
1. From the Deeps
2. Through the Storms (novella)
3. Into the Mists
4. Beneath the Earth
5. Within the Flames
6. Above The Waves
7. Below The Baubles (novella)
8. Under The Ice
9. Rule The Dark
10. Inside the Egg (novella)
11. Beyond The Loch (prequel)
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