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Accounting Primer

Financial Accounting in a Nutshell!

Accounting can be intimidating! But we can fix that.

This course is designed to make accounting more friendly!

This course covers an overview of basic fears of accounting. The course explains the accounting process and the financial reports the accountants provide. You will even get an overview of the accounting field and what kind of professionals you might come across.

These lessons are short, focused, and to the point.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Those who would like to better understand financial accounting.
  • Business people or managers that do not have a background in accounting but need to deal with the accounting function.
  • Anyone that wants to de-mystify accounting!

What you will learn:

  • You will no longer have common misperceptions in accounting.
  • You will learn the truth behind the ‘math’ misunderstanding of accounting.
  • You will learn the reports provided from accounting.
  • You will get an introduction to the basic accounting equation.
  •  You will be introduced to debits and credits.
  •  You will even learn to use journal entries.
  •  I will show you some examples using Excel!

What people are saying

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One important aspect of approaching any subject is demystifying the difficulty, and presenting it in practical terms. The educator has done a great job at doing those two things so far.

— S Garsson

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This is really a Financial Accounting primer. I recommend for everyone. It takes you step by step, explaining each concept fully. Its flly packaged to prime you to like accounting even if you dont want to. Thank you

— C Obiako

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The content of the course was easy to understand!

— A Lundin

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Accounting Basics
    • Introduction Free Preview
    • Common Fears About Accounting
    • Perceptions of Accounting
    • Key Accounting Terms
    • The Balance Sheet
    • The Income Statement
    • Why Use Accounting Reports
    • Debits and Credits
    • Journal Entries
    • In Conclusion
  • 2
    Practice What You Learned!
    • Practicing Accounting