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Financial Boundaries

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Just because you have picked up this book and are reading this page, I know some things about you. You are a giver by nature, you struggle to say no to people, you are generous with your money, you care about giving to others, you always bail others out of money issues, and you love people wholeheartedly.

However, you are beginning to feel stressed, worried, angry, and resentful about your relationship with others when money is involved. You have also been hurt. Part of you has been disrespected, silenced, and overlooked. You’ve been taken advantage of. Your needs have been ignored. You are beginning to see the need for some financial boundaries.

Setting financial boundaries is not easy. And that is the reason why I have written this book. The pages of this book highlight the liberating power of setting financial boundaries with others and with yourself. Fasten your seat belt and let’s get started on this road trip of financial freedom as we explore what financial boundaries look like, why they are necessary, what to do when they are violated, and how to implement them in an assertive but kind, clear but calm, and authentic but unapologetic way!
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