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6-Figure Coach Masterclass Bundle

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In the recordings of these 3 masterclasses, you'll get an insider's view on creating a 6-figure coaching business — and how you can do this, too (without all the stress and overwhelm!).

Each class is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes and is a downloadable .mp4 file.

1. The Truth of Creating a 6-Figure Coaching Business

I tell you EVERYTHING I've done, and still do, to create a coaching business that makes an impact and an amazing income. 

Once you change the way you see yourself and your business, it all gets easier and makes so much more sense.

Comments from people who attended this class live:

"I'm making some new connections with being creative and being an entrepreneur - less taking things personally, just exploring. Even being consistent has a different meaning!"

"Stepping up as an entrepreneur has landed for me."

"I can see how seeing yourself as an entrepreneur is a different self concept and mindset. I identified solely with being a coach. This is massive for me, Mary, seeing it all so clearly now. Thank you!"

2. Create & Sell a Simple, High-End Coaching Offer

A high-end coaching offer does not have to involve more of your time. In fact, it can be designed so you spend less time while your clients get better results -- and you can get paid MORE.

Comments from people who attended this class live:

"You've got the wheels turning in my head! I can see that there is a lot that I can do with what I already have."

"I'm feeling relieved that I can create the course and then offer coaching as and when."

"This was so helpful ... just what I needed to hear."

3. From Content to Clients

Why do we create and share content? Is it just to "get clients"? This class is like no other you have ever heard on the subject of creating and sharing content. You'll walk away with a sense of freedom, power and purpose like never before -- as well as practical steps you can take for your coaching business, starting today.

Comments from people who attended this class live:

"I’ve NEVER before heard what you shared with us all tonight. No one has ever shared this! What does it mean for me personally now! In one word FREEDOM."

"I am going to listen to the recording over and over."

"Mary, you are incredible. This has been so enlightening for me. I so appreciate you."

"Powerful. Intimate. Inspiring. Thank you so much."

PLUS 2 BONUSES: You can access a summary of the High-End Offer class and the From Content to Clients class in a Google doc. 

You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (738MB)
  • MP4 (444MB)
  • MP4 (768MB)
  • RTF (1KB)