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10 Creative Ways to Make Money while living abroad

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You may be planning your move abroad, have already moved, or are still thinking about it. Whatever stage you are at, earning money will have, no doubt, been on your mind. What can you do to start creating an income abroad when you haven't got a job lined up? You can earn money online, in employment, or as a small business, offering in-person services.

In this mini e-book, I share 10 creative ways to make money abroad, including my own ventures. Some of them you will maybe have thought of, others will get you thinking outside the box.

I will share:

  • Ideas to find a job abroad
  • Small business / freelancer ideas
  • How to find online work
  • How to find clients / cutsomers

    Since moving to Scotland and then to Spain (I am Dutch originally), I have been able to learn, grow, fall - and get back up again - by leaving my home country, mastering new languages, and having to reinvent myself on numerous occasions. With my flexible attitude and open mind, I will show you how to start making money while living abroad.

You will get a PDF (33MB) file
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