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Union Jacked: Samantha Kidd Killer Fashion Mystery #9

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Can Samantha keep calm and carry on?​

Samantha Kidd is gobsmacked by the wins in her life. Job: check. Man: check. Inner peace: closer than she’s been in a while. But when the British invasion arrives in the form of new business owners, her checked boxes tumble. Her retail employer sells out, her coworkers go on strike, and her husband is out of the country.

​When a union representative is found dead outside the store, the bottom falls out. Samantha’s reluctant mentor, Detective Loncar, warns her to stay out of the investigation, but even he has something to hide. Between a cop bar, a life coach, and a blue line that's anything but thin, Samantha's teacup runneth over. It’s time for Samantha to spill some tea…or risk being royally screwed.
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