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Desert Destiny (AI Audiobook)

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Audiobook by Anna Lowe, narrated by a computer-generated voice, delivered by Bookfunnel.

Please note: unlike most of Anna's audiobooks, this story is narrated by a computer-generated voice. It is NOT intended to replace full quality audiobooks narrated by a professional, real life narrator. However, this version does allow fans to listen to an audio version at a hugely discounted rate. Anna Lowe only uses AI technology for audio projects that would not be otherwise viable to produce.

The most elusive of the Twin Moon wolves is back, and he’s on a mission.

Contrary to her mother’s opinion, no-nonsense policewoman Andrea “Andie” Hale doesn’t need a new job, a new hairdo, or a new man. She has everything she needs — a steady job, a cozy home, and hundred-mile views of the landscape she loves. Plus, a secret friend she doesn’t dare admit to — not even to herself.

Wolf shifter Roy Taylor turned his back on his pack and the human world years ago, and he’s sworn never to return. Life in the wild is so much simpler. No complex relationships, no conflicts, no compromise. It’s just him, the open desert, and the stars. But something — okay, someone — keeps pulling him back to a small, lonely house way out on the edge of town.

But the human world spells trouble — and not just for the heart. Ruthless developers are muscling in on a pristine landscape, and a vile, supernatural creature prowls, threatening Andie. A skinwalker — truth or legend? Either way, Roy is forced to make impossible choices. Love. Freedom. Destiny. Which can Roy save, and which must he sacrifice?


Prequel: Desert Hunt
Book 1: Desert Moon
Book 2: Desert Blood
Book 3: Desert Fate
Book 4: Desert Heart
Book 5: Desert Rose
Book 6: Desert Roots
Book 7: Desert Destiny
Book 8: Sasquatch Surprise
Christmas story: Desert Yule
Box set with books 1-2-3: Once Upon a Desert Moon
Box set with books 4-5-6: Twice Upon a Desert Moon

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