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I'm Gonna Lay Down my Old Guitar -- Andy Hatfield

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Intermediate to advanced flatpicking guitar transcription of Andy's YouTube Video. In tabulature and standard notation

I first heard this tune from Blake and Rice, though it goes all the way back to the early days of country music.  In all the early versions (including Doc Watson) there is a diminished chord.  The Blake and Rice version disguises this chord a little bit, though I think it's still in there.  In this solo arrangement, I leave the diminished chord out all together.  

Techniques used in this song:

Down - Up picking
Four-note Forward Roll
Three-note Forward Roll
Cascading Forward Roll
Reverse Roll
In and Out Roll
Hammer-on's and Pull-off's
Slides on an Upstroke

If you are new to any of these techniques, check out the technique section at
You will get a PDF (218KB) file
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