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IS THAT CLEAR? Effective communication in a neurodiverse world

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Whether we're aware of it or not, we will all know an autistic person, which makes this exciting new book an essential read for all.

Language experts Zanne Gaynor and Kathryn Alevizos and autism consultant Joe Butler, combine their knowledge and experience in this unique and accessible guide to more inclusive communication in a neurodiverse world.

Every autistic person experiences differences in communication. A lack of recognition of this can lead to miscommunication and heightened anxiety for many autistic people. Is That Clear? recognises and addresses this by offering practical tips, which have all been reviewed and endorsed by autistic readers.

Condensed into bite-sized chapters, the book covers key areas from instructions and questions to figurative speech, the pitfalls of small talk and phone calls - and much more.

A highly recommended read that sensitively promotes inclusion and diversity.


At long last, here's a book that acknowledges how confusing non-autistic people can be for us autistics and supports and empowers them to make their communications with us more successful. This is a practical guide that urges non-autistic people to evaluate the way they interact with us to reduce confusion.
Dean Beadle, autistic speaker/trainer, writer and singer

Anyone reading this guide should be able to easily take on board the recommendations and implement them into day to day life. Those who are able to make adjustments will definitely support more effective two-way communication.
Emma Chantler, Autism Education Trust

Nice to see publications like this being produced, that take a respectful approach to communication with autistic people.
Dr Damian Milton

A book like this is incredibly validating and will not only make for better communication between autistic and allistic people, but will change the way that people see and respect how autistic people communicate. It's such an important book and twists the narrative on its head, so thank you.
Erin Ekins

This book really helps you realise how much further we all have to go to make it a truly accessible society. It should be handed out in every establishment in the country!
Geoffrey Hames

As the parent of an autistic son, this is enlightening - an essential read that opens our eyes to the power and importance of kind, considered, effective communication.
Jane (and Jamie) Lush

I like the way this book's broken down - really useful for many of the people I see on our autism in the workplace training who are developing their understanding of autism.
Lorraine MacAlister, National Autistic Society

This all looks great and seems very well thought out and presented and was very easy to follow. I hope it does well and makes a positive difference. It was helpful without feeling patronising - a breath of fresh air.
Peggy Powell
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