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Wandering With The Cherubim: A Commentary on the Mystical Verse of Angelus Silesius–The Cherubinic Wanderer

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Illumine your spiritual journey with ancient wisdom from the 17th century mystical poet Johannes Scheffler, who wrote under the name Angelus Silesius. Discover the timeless wisdom of Angelus Silesius’ book “The Cherubinic Wanderer,” and unlock the power of spiritual transformation with Swami Nirmalananda's commentary, Wandering With The Cherubim. Gain clarity on how to open your heart to deeper spiritual truths and live an awakened life.

Angelus Silesius’ spiritual outlook is similar to the mysticism of Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler, Henry Suso, Johannes Ruysbroek, Jacob Boehme and the authors of Theologia Germanica, and the Cloud of Unknowing. His non-dual perspective might be compared to the advaita philosophy of Shankaracharya.

Angelus Silesius expressed his mystical vision in short poems such as the following:

My Spirit is a partial Being:
It yearns to be recentred in
That Essence whence it broke away,
Its primal Root and Origin.

In Wandering With The Cherubim you will discover:

  • An in-depth exploration of the teachings of Angelus Silesius
  • A practical guide to putting his teachings into practice
  • An exploration of non-dual perspectives
  • how to awaken your spiritual self and transcend a mundane world-view

Take your spiritual journey to the next level with Wandering With The Cherubim.

You will get the following files:
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