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28 Days to Grow Your Website Traffic and Get Visible Online

What if you never had to worry about growing your audience again?

With GET SEEN, there's no need to hide your light any longer . You'll learn how to get visible online in 28 days.

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Tell me if this sounds like you? You have a website or blog, but you struggle to get visitors to your site and clients for your business.

What if there was a way to take concrete steps to raise your visibility and get more people checking your products and services out?

That's exactly why I created GET SEEN. Because I know you have something amazing to put out into the world, we just need to help you get discovered by more potential customers.

If you are ready to GET SEEN then join me today.

The Lowdown

Over the course of 28 lessons GET SEEN walks you through how to get more visible online. We are going to make changes to your website and your social media and we are going to help you build your list and start creating content with confidence.

You can work through the lessons as quickly or slowly as you wish. Tackle one per day or move ahead faster. You decide what works best for your schedule. 

Right Now... feel like you have to do a million things to raise your visibility online. You jump from task to task, never feeling like you are actually taking concrete steps forward to market your business successfully.

Imagine if you could have a clear understanding of the most vital steps to raise your profile online. No second guessing about what to do next, just a clear step to take and, even better, an exact how-to on completing the step.

Does that sound good? Then join me in GET SEEN today.

Hi, I'm Alison Wood

I’m an online business strategist and I've worked with hundred of clients, both through my courses and one-to-one, to help them grow their visibility online and get their business found.

I've also created and grown a number of niche websites, so I know what it takes to build a site from zero visitors through to a profitable income source.  

Why have I created GET SEEN? Because my audience's number one question is always - how do I get found by potential clients and grow my website traffic?

So What's Inside Get Seen?

28 lessons to help you grow the visibility of your business, get more traffic to your website and get seen by more potential customers.

Whatever you sell and whether it's product or service based - as long as your aim is to grow your online visibility - this will work for you.

I give you the steps you need to take to make your website the best version of itself it can be. We talk design, navigation, writing your 'about me' page and so much more. We also go behind the scenes to make sure you get more visibility in the search engines. Yes I'm talking Search Engine Optimization - but these are simple steps anyone can do and I won't bamboozle you with tech talk.

We dive into the many forms of social media available to you. However, less important than where you post - we are going to be looking at what you post. We also celebrate Pinterest and just how great it can be for traffic - as long as you follow some simple rules. The in-depth Pinterest training is going to be worth the cost of this course alone.

How are you creating and using content? Are you making the best use of every piece of content you create or are you spinning your wheels. Get this element of your business right and not only will you save a lot of time and stress, but you will also be more successful.

We all want visitors to our website - YES the holy grail of traffic - and we are going to be getting you that. But don't forget what you need to do with that traffic once it arrives - you need to convert the traffic. That is getting people onto your email list and making sales. We walk through that process.

Last but not least, we consider whether your head is really in the game. Yes that's right we look at mindset. How to set yourself up for success, get more productive and start making consistency your watchword. It's amazing how a few simple mindset shifts can help you go from confusion to clarity. 


Who Is GET SEEN For?

Business Owners

Getting greater visibility for your website can lead to more sales of your products and services. Whatever you sell GET SEEN can help you get in front of your ideal audience and convert browsers to buyers.


Are you building a blog, but just not seeing the traffic you want to? The steps in GET SEEN can help you realize your blogging dreams. They are how I build my niche blogs from zero to hero, and they can work for you too. 

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is all about creating content to connect people to products. It's not about the hard sell, it's about building relationships and GET SEEN is all about making connections. 


...where you could be a month from now if you purchase GET SEEN and commit to working through the steps. 

You can leave overwhelm and confusion behind and instead have concrete daily steps to move you forward. Some of these steps will be done once and you will never have to worry about them again. Others will be ongoing and GET SEEN will give you the HOW-TO so you can rinse and repeat.

Are you ready to increase your website traffic and convert more browsers into buyers? Then sign up for GET SEEN today.

GET SEEN will help to move your business forward. Do you want to be spinning your wheels this time next month or do you want to be reaping the rewards of the steps you have taken inside GET SEEN.

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