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Tubten Yeshi and the Shadow Beast

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Chaos threatens the six realms. Six keys will bring back order. Four heroes will find them...

Book 1 in the 'Adventures in the Six Realms' series. (part of the Legends of the East universe)

The Abbot of Rigpa Gompa, a temple guarding the pure land of Odiyana, sends his four apprentice 'Protectors' in to the realm of animals in order to find and bring back the first key: a symbol of entwined fish. But when they get there, the symbol is missing and the temple that was supposed to guard it long abandoned.

Attacked by marauding Hungry Ghosts from one side and members of the mysterious cult: The White Sadhus, from the other, they must somehow find the symbol in the seemingly endless forest.
But something else, something deadly, stalks them from the shadows...

A proper, ripping tale of heroism, determination, friendship, terror... and two little fluffy animals called Furball and Stripe...

Set between the events of book 1 and book 2 in the 'Legends of the East' series... You will love this extension to the Legends of the East universe!
You will get a EPUB (2MB) file
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