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Are you feeling tired most of the time? Do you feel negative energies inside you and around other people? Do you sense inner blockages to express yourself, your feelings and emotions? Do you feel powerless around people or feeling the world is a hostile place to live. Then, in order to heal these emotional conditions, you need to work with your chakras and your energy field. 

​This exciting audio course will teach you how to attune to the life force energy and to increase it in yourself. I will guide you through powerful chakra meditation and energy exercise that you can learn in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. I will explain and guide you in an easy way and you will learn fast. This audio course can save you so much time. We will look at the theory and then we will work with the techniques.

Chakra Healing Meditation and Energy Theory and Practice 

*** Theory behind the chakras and life force energy. Information that you need to know about them.

*** Exploration of the main functions of chakras. The first chakra meditation. This is of paramount importance for us in our lifetime. Exercise 1.

***  Powerful chakra meditation - the second one. This will energize and cleanse your chakras. Working with your chakras will give you a free generator of energy. Exercise 2.

*** Activate your energy body to experience and feel the spiritual energy in a miraculous way. Ancient teachers kept similar techniques in secret for advanced students. Now you can use it for your own advantage. Exercise 3.


* You will start to feel the invisible energy known by healers and spiritual masters for eons.
* Your healing power to heal yourself and other people will be boosted. You will become a strong channel for universal energy.

* Your natural ability of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience will be boosted and you will see beyond the third-dimensional world. You will develop your psychic abilities which will help you in your everyday life.

* You will feel more energized and full of energy and vitality in your everyday life.

* You will feel better in yourself.

*  You will have some extraordinary experiences and meaningful situations arising in your life.

* You will understand the deeper and hidden meaning of your life. 

7 Chakras Meaning

The 7 chakras are energy vortexes that radiate and transform light. ​The chakras are our connection with the universe. They absorb cosmic and earth energy and transform these frequencies into our own unique energy system.  In a way - the chakras are our teachers. They teach us what to do with our life. They teach us how to use our best talents to progress. 
Science and a lot of people do not believe that chakras exist. In this world of modern technology - humans focus on material, tangible things. "Chakras are just an illusion!" We can often hear this statement in one form or another. People are too obsessed with mobile phones, cars, artificial intelligence. "If I can't touch it, it is not real" This is another statement mentioned often by people. Science and its "proven theories" are the respectful ones. However, in this article I will give you a proof that chakras exist. It will be a scientific approach! Next time when someone close to you does hurt you emotionally - notice where you feel the pain? I bet, the place will be in the middle of your chest - heart chakra. This chakra relates to love and compassion. When you are not allowed to speak your truth - notice where you feel the restrictions? In the throat - throat chakra. This chakra relates to self-expression. When you feel unsafe -  notice where you feel insecure? Beneath your genitals - root chakra. This chakra relates to survival.  This is a valuable exercise. It proves the existence of the chakras - the energy centres. It is a wonderful opportunity to understand our human nature.
I will give you my personal opinion and it is based on my experience. The chakras exist in us as wheels of light. Every chakra has its own unique frequency. Every chakra contains lessons to be learnt. These life lessons start from our birth. We understand the world around us through the chakras. We absorb information through the chakras. We receive cosmic, sun and earth energy through them. The chakras are always open to process these forces, mentioned above. This is a constant progress of learning. It is not possible for the chakras to be closed. Why people do talk about "how to open your chakras?" My answer to this statement is: In life we meet difficult and negative situations. These situations create blockages in the chakras. So, I will change the question "how to open your chakras?" into "how to clear blockages in your chakras?". My answer to this question is: chakra healing meditations, healing physical activities and new positive ways of thinking.


Traditionally chakras are associated with a particular color: root chakra - red, sacral chakra - orange, solar plexus chakra - yellow, heart chakra - green, throat chakra - blue, third eye chakra - indigo, crown chakra - violet. In reality, a trained chakra practitioner can see and feel that every chakra radiates many colors at the same time. Every chakra has a rainbow of colors. These colors have a positive and healing impact on the aura and on us. In chakra healing colors are important. I have included a color chart with the colors and their meaning. The meaning is not fixed! It gives us a flexible way to work with the colors and the chakras.

Red color: security, sexual drive and passion, purpose, action.
Orange color: power, energy and vitality, sexuality, fun, emotional storage.
Yellow color: feelings and emotions, power, planning, strategy, logic.
Green color: love, compassion, wisdom.
Blue color: self-expression, vocation, inner freedom.
Indigo color: vision, higher spiritual perspective.
Violet color: connection with the spirit, higher inspiration, divine guidance.

Root chakra
The root chakra is the foundation of all chakras. It is located between our anus and genitals. The color associated with this chakra is red. The root chakra has a special connection with the earth. Martial arts and gardening will boost this centre of light - the root chakra. Animal - Elephant.

Sacral chakra
The sacral chakra is the creative impulse in us. It is located on the pubic bone. The color associated with this chakra is orange. The sacral chakra is connected with the water. Dancing and Yoga will enhance the sacral chakra. The pinky finger. Animal - Crocodile.

Solar Plexus chakra 
The solar Plexus chakra is the "engine" of our character, the assertive knot in our system. It is located on the solar plexus. The color associated with this chakra is yellow. The solar plexus chakra is connected with the fire. Practical actions and goals will stimulate this chakra. The thumb. Animal - Ram.

Heart chakra
The heart chakra gives us the love and the compassion that we need in life. It is located in the middle of the chest. The color associated with this chakra is green. The heart chakra is connected with the air. Giving and receiving love will start the healing of this chakra. The index finger. Animal - Antelope.

Throat chakra
The throat chakra helps to express ourselves with other people. It is located on the throat. The color associated with this chakra is blue. The throat chakra is connected with the ether. Expressing ourselves and telling what we think and feel will heal the chakra. The middle finger. Animal - White Elephant.

Third Eye chakra
The third eye chakra is the gateway to our psychic abilities and also we can create our vision for our life with it. It is located between the eyes or slightly above it. The color associated with this chakra is indigo. The third eye chakra is connected with the light in us. Planning and unfolding our life on this planet earth is essential to boost the chakra. Animal - Black Antelope.

Crown chakra
The crown chakra is the domain of our spirit. It is located on the top of the head. The colors associated with this chakra are white and violet. The crown chakra is connected with spirituality. Meditation exercises will clear the channel with our spirit. Animal - No.

The 7 Chakras and Chakra Mantras
Root chakra - Lam, Sacral chakra - Vam, Solar plexus chakra - Ram, Heart chakra - Yam, Throat chakra - Ham, Third eye chakra - Om, Crown chakra - Ommm or silent.
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