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Broken Vows

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When Detective Zac Barrington’s high school sweetheart broke up with him right after graduation, he was devastated, but he loved her enough to let her go and never gave up hope she’d return to their small hometown of Broken.

Emily Wilson wanted to spread her wings and make her mark on the world. Though she loved Zac Barrington with all her heart, she wanted to branch out on her own, establish a career, enjoy life in the big smoke a world away from Broken. Though she’s thought about Zac every now and then, she’s never been tempted to return to Broken. Until now.

Emily’s mother has gone missing, disappeared into thin air. No one’s seen her. No one knows where she is. Emily’s father is beyond himself with anxiety. Where is she? And why did she leave?

When Emily and her father file a missing person’s report, the first officer they run into is Detective Zac Barrington. It’s been six years since Emily has seen him and she isn’t prepared for the tumult of emotions that overwhelm her at the sight of him. But no matter how much he still makes her heart beat faster, what they once had is over. Worse, she holds Zac’s family responsible for the death of her brother.

A  year earlier, Evan Wilson was killed in a mining accident at a mine owned by the Barrington family. The case has been aggressively defended by the Barringtons in the courts. The stress has taken its toll on Emily’s family. Her mother has taken the death of her son hardest of all.

How can Emily feel so strongly toward Zac when he could very well be the reason her mother has disappeared? Is their love destined to come to an end again?

Come on a journey of adventure, intrigue and romance with USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor. You’ll be glad you did.

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