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"SPA" Ready-4-U Social Media Bundle

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The "SPA" Ready-4-U Social Media Bundle!

🔥 NO MORE wondering what to write for your social media posts.
🔥 NO MORE trying to be your own graphic artist.
🔥 NO MORE frustration with your social media marketing.

This "ready-4-u" social media bundle is designed exclusively for spas and wellness centres to save time and frustration with social media marketing, and to help your business/practice stand out from the competition.

Our "registered relaxation therapists" have designed a bundle containing 10 beautiful and informative social media tiles dedicated to the benefits of a day at the spa. From promoting healing, circulation, and heart health, this "ready-4-u" bundle is designed to help you raise awareness to existing and potential clients, build a loyal following, drive more traffic to your website, and add more of the right clients.

The "SPA" bundle contains:

1. "Circulation"
2. "Aches & Pains"
3. "Sweat It Out"
4. "Healing"
5. "Disconnect"
6. "Sauna"
7. "Treatments"
8. "Immune Boost"
9. "Mood Booster"
10. "Heart Health"

HOW TO USE (it's simple!):

1. Download the bundle.
2. Open the ZIP file to unlock all 10 files (in '.png' format).
3. Optional, add your logo or edit the tiles using a free graphic tool such as Canva.
3. Post to your social media account(s).
4. DONE!

🔥 10 social media tiles (graphics & text)
🔥 1080 x 1080 image sizes
🔥 All images are high-resolution PNG file type
🔥 Add your own branding!

If you have any questions, simply get in touch. Enjoy!
You will get a ZIP (12MB) file
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