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Father and the Wolves

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This book is for fathers.
Most of us are not doing a great job and the world has noticed. We've garnered a bad reputation. Spend ten minutes around a group of wives and you are likely to hear a handful of criticisms about some guy's fathering skills. 

Being a good father is not easy. It doesn't come naturally. Why should dads bother trying? Why are kids important? Why are fathers a nesessary part of their lives? Why should we prioritize our kids over our hobbies and work? Is there some goal we are working toward with them or is parenting just haphazard and random? Wouldn't our kids be better off without us? Everyone knows that kids need their mom, but what about dad?

Fathers have a unique influence and sizable power to make the world a better place by investing time and energy into building stronger families. What would the world look like if dads stepped up to the challenge of fatherhood? What if they protected their kids from negative influencers instead of inviting them into the cave?

The world is in desperate need of good fathers. Father and the Wolves: A Guide to Elevate Fatherhood, Fix Families, and Save the World depicts a new kind of hero, one who takes up the spear and steps into the greatest work of his life. 
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