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Plaidypus: a Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count)

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After a close encounter of the hotspot kind, Nadine’s paws are full figuring out how to feed her thirsty vampire of a brother, trying to convince the CDC she actually can be a shapeshifter infected with the lycanthropy virus, and dodging the pack of crazy women out for her blood—or her brother’s body.

She’s not sure if they want her or her brother, but she doesn’t want to find out.

Nadine knows one thing for certain: her backwater town is too small for everybody coming to pay her family of two a visit. Maybe she doesn’t have a male platypus’s venomous spurs, but she’s ready to put up a fight to protect her brother, and not even the sexy plaid-clad stranger strutting his stuff is going to lure her away from home.

Assuming she’ll be given a choice in the matter is only the first of her mistakes.

Warning: this novel contains the mythical plaidypus and other deadly puns, romance, bodies, a minimum of two Canadians, and a mandatory magical adventure to Australia.

Proceed with caution.

Plaidypus can be read as a standalone.
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