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Tate Valley Romantic Suspense Series

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Complete Series! Over 500 pages! 

Now or Never (Book 1)

While investigating the murder of Brett Myers, homicide detective Alexis Adams finds a possible connection between Myers’ murder and Grant Copeland, the most powerful man in town. Alexis has recently moved back to Tate Valley, California and has never forgotten how Grant ruined her mother’s life.

Alexis becomes sidetracked when the case leads her to Kevin Reed, her first love who still holds a grudge for her leaving nineteen years earlier. Kevin is in line to become CEO of Copeland Enterprises and though Alexis and Kevin clash because of this, they can’t ignore how strong their feelings are for each other.

Alexis has wanted Kevin for years and finally has a second chance at love, but can she let go of her hatred for Grant or will it destroy everything she’s wished for?

Chasing Forever (Book 2) 

Tate Valley Detectives Alexis Adams and Penelope Dao embark on the most bizarre murder case of their careers when rich boy Donovan McCoy is shot to death while trying to rape 18 year-old Rose Malone on the beach just blocks away from Alexis’ home.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Alexis’ relationship turns hotter and heavier, yet the closer they get, Grant remains an obstacle. The couple finds themselves at odds with each other when Alexis uncovers a huge conspiracy that might lead straight to Grant.

Kevin and Alexis are convinced they are lifelong soulmates but will her obsession with Grant destroy their relationship once and for all?

Sinner's Paradise (Book 3) 

When Alicia Bellows is found beaten to death behind an abandoned nightclub, Tate Valley, California Detectives Alexis Adams and Penelope Dao are on the case. Alicia's murder leads them to a host of possible suspects including Alicia's married lover, and one of her closest friends who might know more about Alicia's murder than she lets on.

Alexis becomes even more obsessed with getting Grant Copeland while sacrificing her job and relationship with Kevin Reed. Kevin gets jealous of Alexis' attention on Grant and wonders if she'll ever move on from the past. The lovers vowed to let nothing keep them apart, but Grant might be too much of a distraction for their romance to survive.

Alexis comes up with a master plan to get Grant to admit his sins, but soon realizes that it won't be easy to beat the player who invented the game.

Last Dance (Book 4)

Kevin becomes the prime suspect when Alexis learns his connection to the victim in her murder investigation. Torn between duty and love, Alexis arrests Kevin, who feels so betrayed he ends their relationship. 

Mastermind Grant Copeland’s hiding an intense desire for Alexis and wants to dominate her mentally, physically, and even sexually. He uses Alexis and Kevin’s breakup as an opportunity to seduce Alexis. She reluctantly accepts Grant’s dinner invitation hoping she’ll learn his secrets, but becomes frightened when the date goes from charming to sinister. Alexis’ hatred for Grant grows each day but the more she fights, the more obsessed he becomes.

Alexis finally discovers what Grant’s been hiding, but doing so puts her in the line of fire with a desperate man who has nothing to lose.



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