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Dear Black Girl: Timeless Gems for Brown Girls Bound to Win

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This book was definitely a read for all black and brown girls! A page turner from beginning to end.


I'm 12 pages in and my wig has ALREADY been knocked off! This book is SO GOOD!


This book was amazing from beginning to end!! Tab brought the GEMS that were definitely eye opening and empowering! It’s a book that you can’t put down and MUST finish.


Timeless Gems for Brown Girls Bound to Win is a series of colloquialisms, affirmations and statements utilized by author Tabitha D. James to center excellence in service and abundant thinking. This resource was developed with many amazing people in mind — the thousands of black girls and women she has encountered along her educational, professional and personal journey. Those who have poured into her, those she has poured into and most importantly those who often struggle to see the true value in being who you are while striving to reach goals and WIN!

Why? Glad you asked! Here’s a statement from Tabitha:

Along this life journey I have encountered some beautiful, unique, talented, intelligent and downright amazing queens. Some who grew up rural, some inner-city, some suburban and some international — girls and women from varying socioeconomic backgrounds with differing views and foundational structures. I’m providing you this context to set a precedence that our skin color isn’t a reflection of who we are or our story. We all have one; our own.

It is often easy to try and loop all of us into a “black girl bucket”, many will say society does this and I am not here to argue who started it or why. I am here to provide gems for growing girls and women who have one thing in common if nothing else . . . they want to WIN.



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