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Hollywood Dreams

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From USA Today bestselling author Molly O’Hare comes a curvy/plus-sized, enemies-to-lovers, anti-hero, Bully-meets-RomCom mash-up.

Land a role in a movie—Check

Meet Hollywood crush on the set—Check

Discover said crush is actually the biggest, rudest jerk on the planet—Check… wait, what?

So far, Maggie’s Hollywood dreams aren’t going exactly as planned. One wrong turn and the next thing she knows, she’s Enemy Number One of the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on. However, she isn’t about to let her dreams crumble because of some arrogant oaf. That’s not her style. She’s out to prove that talent has no size limit, and nobody, not even Trevor McCain, and his rude, snide remarks will stand in her way.

When a gorgeous, curvy woman bursts into Trevor’s dressing room, he assumes she’s just another nosy tabloid reporter out for a story. But he couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only is she an actress with role in his newest film, she’s also the first person in years to stand up to him. Maggie’s fierce, unwavering confidence ignites a fire inside of him he can’t seem to put out, and the more he tries to push her away, the more he wants her.

By the time he realizes she’s everything he’s been missing, it seems like the damage has already been done. Now he’s determined to prove to Maggie—and the rest of Hollywood—they’ve got him all wrong.

Hollywood Dreams is a standalone bully-meets-romcom mash-up with laugh-out-loud moments and a jerk hero who will stop at nothing to get the woman of his dreams.

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