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From Team Mediocrity to Team Greatness

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Ever find yourself in a team that lacks collaboration?
Do you lead a team that needs the spark to improve?
This handbook aims to transform your team to greatness!

Written using anecdotal stories, pragmatic tips and straight talk style, you can park this bite-sized handbook somewhere in your bookshelf to refer to it again and again!

Teamwork, communication, inspiration… what do all these have in common? They are the key elements of a successful team.

Typical teams will start off a challenge by charging into the fray, then fire-fight later. This team, however, started by having a concentrated discussion. They planned and brainstormed and came up with several designs. Then they took a quick vote. The self-appointed leader asked for consensus and any better suggestions. Everyone agreed to execute the plan.

What is unique about the team? Find out more as this handbook brings alive anecdotal stories and useful takeaways for you. To transform from team mediocrity to team greatness!
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