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Coaching for all your planner needs

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Planning Coaching Services

Can't wait to help you plan your day around your worship and set beautiful intentions for yourself.

I am a certified Lifecoach and have been helping sisters plan their times and live more intentionally for over ten years now.

I have seen all kind of schedules :-) and we have figured them out together with Allah's tawfeeq.

Let's figure out yours together.

Time to do good is NOW!

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One Setting up planner session


If all you need is one session for us to get you started with your "Time to do good now " planner inserts, then this plan is what you need. Go ahead and book your planning coahing session now.

45 minutes 1-1 coaching with planner inserts every two weeks X

every 2 weeks
This is a subscription where we meet for 45 minutes every two weeks to help you use your planner inserts. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

A coach is additional support for your needs!

We can all do things on our own for the most part, but we get stuff done much more efficiently when we are well supported. Treat yourself and invest in this coaching service to help you curtail procrastination and actually help you make the most of your purchase.

This service is for all my sisters who got the intentional monthly inserts.

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