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RAW-FM014 CattyOnly

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Furniture Mesh File

By purchasing my files, you automatically comply with the following rules:
*Please Use on One Account Only
*Do NOT Sell or Gift any part of these files
*You Are Encouraged to Edit, Recolor, and Modify Textures as You Wish in Order to Suit Your Style...NOT to Resell or Give Away
*You ARE Allowed to Set This Product as Derivable In Your Catalog

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For IMVU (@ Creator/Developer Virtual Catalog.

IMVU Clothing/Accessory Meshes/Textures - Adults/Kids, Male/Female - File Sales @

**MESH Files Can be set as Derivable**
**TEXTURE Files Can NOT be set as Derivable**

Thank You and Happy Creating!

RR: Skyway(Archway)
You will get a ZIP (569KB) file

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