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Turfgrass Management Edition 1.0 (Kindle Version)

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Turfgrass Management Edition 1.0 (Digitally formatted for Kindle devices)
ISBN-13: 978-1-7332881-2-5
Format: Digital MOBI file (78 MB)
License: Single User License (maximum 3 downloads)

Building on the previous editions of Turfgrass Management by Dr. Al Turgeon, Edition 1.0 is the latest book for turfgrass managers. With 392 pages and 300+ color images and illustrations, this edition is a must have for any turf enthusiast. This book has been designed as a basic text for beginning students of turfgrass science and management. In covering the important features of turfgrass systems, interactions between and among system components, and principles of turfgrass management, it attempts to unlock some of the mysteries of turf and establish the role of cultural interventions for achieving specific objectives. Illustrations and images are used generously throughout the text to help students grasp concepts, processes, and relationships of importance in turfgrass systems. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions to test the reader’s comprehension of the material.

Notes: This digital version of Turfgrass Management Edition 1.0 is available to you as a single user license with up to 3 downloads. This digital download is specifically formatted to be used with Kindle devices. Please review the capabilities of your Kindle device prior to downloading.
You will get a MOBI (76MB) file
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