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Bazi - Heaven Instillation Treasure

Heaven Instillation Treasure (滴天髓) ...

No one knows the exact time that this “Infinite Treasure” in the world of Chinese Metaphysics was written – although some scholars have claimed that the book was written during the Wu Kingdom around 5,000 years ago!

This is one of ancient China’s most treasured heritages and through the ages, many scholars and practitioners of metaphysics would have tried to decipher the meaning but the way the texts were phrased made them not easily understood.

What is significant is how and why so many people had read it and yet have not been able to decode the meaning! Due to the complexity and mystifying nature of the ancient text, many have given up. Others have attempted shallow conclusions based on the literal meaning of the text. And some even criticized the absurd of the way it was written!

Although many masters were critical of the way this book was written, yet the content is as relevant to Chinese Metaphysicians today as it was thousands of years ago. If this ancient book is easily understood, do you think it would have stood the test of time, lasting more than 5,000 years?

The truth and actual event of a person’s life or a person’s profile will not openly elaborate and sometimes, they have to use different words to refer to the actual subject.

One thing’s for sure in this classic – the truth is scattered and sometimes even hidden in the text.

But you will be able to find some truth in certain chapters while some chapters are a complete lie! The key question is, why is the reading of a person’s life so fascinating and amazing? And how did all this happen? Is there a reference starting point or where did these ancient masters derive their knowledge? The answer is “The knowledge of Nature”, where the very beginning environment is formed! It is about the way Nature behaves and interacts.

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