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Consumed (special edition hardcover) by Emily Robinson

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A gritty, subversive tale of love, loss and psychoses, in the digital age.

Amber is a young New York native embarking on a journey of psychotherapy, self-exploration and sexual awakening, and maybe, a little bit of cannibalism. Seizing the opportunity to escape to Italy she meets the seductive and intriguing Natalia. Bound together in youthful carnality, they find themselves pulled down, into a pit, or pot, of despair.

Join debut Author Emily Robinson as she leads you through the twisted, cannibalistic, digital psychosis, of Consumed.

Emily Robinson is a writer, actor, and director living in Los Angeles.

She holds a degree in Creative Writing from Columbia University.

This special edition hardcover is handmade, numbered, bound in leather with an included leather bookmark. Only 50 copies are available in the first edition.