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"From grieving to healing: a horse, a boy, and the power of friendship."

Twelve-year-old Malachi Adams has always felt like an outsider. Ridiculed by his stepfather and bullied by his classmates because of his stutter, he finds solace in his dog, Sunny. After his mother takes Sunny to the vet to be euthanized, Mal is devastated he hasn't been given the opportunity to say goodbye.

When Mal gets lost in the woods, he discovers an abandoned pregnant mare. Believing Sunny has led him to this horse, Mal decides to care for her and keep her safe until she gives birth.

After his classmate, Amelia, learns of Mal's secret, she offers to help. But even together, caring for a horse—and her newborn foal—is no easy task.

This story will capture the hearts of animal lovers and anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Appropriate for readers of all ages.
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