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Quick and Simple Tank AI

In under ONE hour - using Unity

By the end of this course you will implement your own Simple AI

using Finite State Machines, in Unity

You will Make

  • A State Machine using Unity
  • Pick random positions in a range
  • Create a Wait & Patrol Sequence
  • Seek Enemy Targets
  • Range Detect and take action
  • An Attack Sequence

You will be getting

A Unity project to get you started in no time!

What’s included:

  • A full scene
  • 3D tank model
  • Helper Scripts
  • Other prefabs (projectile)

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Course curriculum

Meet Adrian, your Game AI Coach

Hey, I'm Adrian! A game developer and youtuber.

I started making games in 2005. Back then, there were no game engines like Unity, Unreal, or Godot.

My experience spans more than just development. During high school I put together and led a team of game developers which participated in national gamedev contests, even won some 😀

At the university, I started a gamedev club to teach students how to develop games.

I also released games on steam, together with a team: Desertland2115Empire of the Fallen Steel, and War of the Wasteland.

Professionally, I worked with Unity, held presentations about various gamedev topics such as pathfinding, networking, steam – even at Nordic Game Conference in Sweden.

My latest project is Redefine Gamedev, the Youtube channel focused on delivering awesome and unique gamedev content. Under REGA I organized GoGodotJam 3x times for an audience of over 10 000 people.

Now I want to share my knowledge with you, to help you reach your goals faster.