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Digi Calculator Pro (digital album production - English version)

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Digi Calculator Pro helps you manage financially your digital album project. Calculate your digital albums' ROI within minutes. Adjust your best case and worst case scenario, your potential profit is calculated in real time.

Digi Calculator offers calculations like:

  • Spotify: streams per country
  • Apple Music: streams per country
  • Deezer: streams per country
  • Other platforms: average global revenue per stream
  • Break-even
  • Profit or deficit
  • Foreign VATs (more than 50 countries)

Do you sell or produce your concerts? Live Calculator Pro may help you get them more profitable.

Do you produce digital + physical albums on a European scale? Prod Calculator Pro maybe your perfect match.

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For an additional fee, our team can create a customized version of any of our apps, specific to your company.

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