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Robin Anna Smith is the founding and chief editor for Human/Kind Journal & Press, and Associate Editor at Sonic Boom and Yavanika Press. They are more of a cats, dogs, and unicorns person than a people person.

Systems Askew is a collection of 10 haiku with accompanying original, mixed-media artwork by Robin Anna Smith and Shloka Shankar. This mini-chapbook explores the intersection of humanity and the systems we encounter, focusing on the harmony and discord that occur at these junctures.
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at my doorstep by Tapan Mozumdar


Ribbons and Rainbows by Mark Gilbert


where the roots are


Fingerbone Sky by Peter Jastermsky


still lifes by Ron Scully


between now and now by Marcus Liljedahl


The Vanishing Mediator by Adam T. Bogar


tyranny of the familiar by Peter Jastermsky & Tiffany Shaw-Diaz


The Silence We Came For by Peter Jastermsky


radical artifice