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Ellie Hall DIGITAL Signed Bookplate

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I love having books signed by my favorite authors, but how do you sign an eBook? Well, you can’t officially do that, unless you want me to scribble on your device’s screen ;) However, a digital bookplate is the next best thing!

What it is: this is a digital file with an image of my regular sweet & swoony bookplate with Ellie Hall’s signature.

How to get it: Click download. You can keep it on your device, or if you’re able to organize your eBooks, add it to your digital bookshelf with your collection of books by Ellie Hall.

Please note: it can’t be attached to any one book’s file.

You will get a PNG (215KB) file

Ellie Hall Signature ONLY Physical Bookplate (Sticker)


Ellie Hall PERSONALIZED Physical Bookplate (Sticker)