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Aluminium Wars

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A Malandros setting supplement by Mark Galeotti

In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and everything was up for grabs. In the industrial city of Krasnoyarsk, while the big beasts of the new gangster-businessman world fight it out for control of the local aluminium industry, corrupt cops, ambitious politicians, hustlers, thugs, and even a few idealists struggle to thrive and survive in a new Russia without rules, rhyme or reason.

 This is a world that is grimy and sullen, gritty and bitter. But it is also one in which all of a sudden nothing is impossible for those who have the guts, the ruthlessness, the luck or the confidence.

A maths teacher can become a millionaire if he learns how to run a pyramid scheme before anyone else, a boxer can become a mayor, a working girl can become the local TV anchor, a soldier back from the war in Chechnya can become a ganglord.

This 25-page PDF supplement contains:

  • All the information and background colour you need to run a Malandros game set in 1990s Krasnoyarsk
  • 14 character types specially created for the setting
  • New Signature Moves: Politics and Sambo (the Red Army's martial art)
You will get a PDF (396KB) file
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