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Ancient Sound Healing Therapy Volume 1

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Ancient Sound Healing Therapy 432 hrz Volume 1 

Sound Therapy is an ancient practice used to clear negative thought forms from your body. Negative thoughts are able to manifest into our current reality and create unpleasant circumstances. Trauma can also continue to manifest this way putting you in an un ending cycle unless you break its pattern. Ancient Sound Healing Therapy can go and travel through out our body and reset, release and free you from mental trauma, which brings Dis ease. 

Includes three hours of Ancient Melodies directly downloaded to BeverlyB from The Ancient Ones. Natures sounds have been added to some of the melodies but the music remains unedited and was recorded live. This sacred music is not available anywhere else. 

The listener can pick a song and put it on replay or listen to the whole session. The possibilities are endless.


49 + minutes chakra balance, each note is played without interruption for 7 + minutes.

All Ancient Sound Healing Sessions are personally recorded by Ancient Sound Healer, BeverlyB live in Hawaii. 


COME TO ME.mp3 (9.9 mb)

Use affirmations during meditation believing that what you want already has happened. Close your eyes and feel it, touch it, smell it. Come to me will help you manifest, you can also incorporate clear quartz, citrine, holding them or have them near you. Come to me helps with insomnia.

a HUG.mp3 (10.4 mb)

If you are in need of being loved a Hug is the perfect song to play while you are sleeping or any time of the day, especially if you feel unloved, not appreciated. Allow the soft drum in the back ground to penetrate your heart. This is a great song that you can play and also use the F Note in the Chakra session to help you balance these feelings. Rose quartz is a good gem to hold or put under your pillow for added strength.


 ANGELICA.mp3 (5.1 mb)

Angelica melody came as I send positive energy to someone that was stuck in a place. If you are stuck in your life and feel as if you are in an unending loop, this melody will break the chain. Sit with it and allow the love to penetrate through you to set you FREE. Moldavite and/or Rose oil are good companions for this song as they vibrate very high.

 BREATHE.mp3 (9 mb)

Breathe is a good melody to help with breathing if you have some sort of anxiety, this melody will help.

 CLOSE UP.mp3 (8.3 mb)

Close up is a beautiful melody that will help you to take a look at your life, look in the mirror and do some self retrospect. Allow the frequency to show you the changes you need to make in your life. Things that you may need let go. Don't be afraid take a CLOSE UP.


 GRATITUDE MEDLEY.mp3 (24.2 mb)

The Gratitude Melody creates an atmosphere of writing down or thinking about all the things we need to be grateful for. It lifts up your spirit and is a good melody to end or start your day with. Any gemstone can be used while doing meditation.


 HEALING LULLABY 1.mp3 (55.7 mb)

CLICK here and listen to a preview

The Healing Lullaby will help with healing of any kind of trauma or sadness, it can be used for any circumstance.


 INSPIRATION.mp3 (3.5 mb)


 IT'S DONE.mp3 (9.9 mb)

This melody can be used when you have prayed, believed that it is so. When you have said Asé and the melody will go to work on your behalf. It is done!!!


 MAJESTIC.mp3 (6.6 mb)

Majestic is an angelic deep meditation melody and can be used to change the atmosphere in the home or at the work place.


 OCEAN LULLABY.mp3 (3.9 mb)

Ocean Lullaby is great for insomnia.


 POSSESS MY LOVE.mp3 (2.7 mb)

Possess my Love is a melody about Self Love, great for affirming yourself worth.


 RAINY DAY.mp3 (5.8 mb)

If you love the sound of piano and rain to help you settle down after a long day, then Rainy Day will get you there.

 REST IN ABUNDANCE.mp3 (23.6 mb)

Clear all the lack in your life whatever that may be and meditate with this melody and rest believing that everything begins and grows in REST.


WE BECOME.mp3 (9.2 mb)

We Become is a melody that can be used to help you manifest and meditate and believe as above so below, on earth as it is in heaven.

Track 1 ROOT C note 

CLICK here for a preview sound

Track 2 SACRAL D note 

Track 3 SOLAR PLEXUS E note 

Tracks 4 HEART F note

Track 5 THROAT G note

Track 6 Third Eye A note

Track 7 CROWN B note

You will get the following files:
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  • MP3 (10MB)
  • MP3 (5MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (56MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (10MB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (3MB)
  • MP3 (6MB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)
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