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EPUB eBook: Army Ranger Trilogy #2: Ranger's Sacrifice

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Losing control…

Relationships have always been easy-come-easy-go for U.S. Army Ranger Cory Foster. Whether it’s on the battlefield or in the bedroom, Cory is always the one in charge. But sometimes a man just has to give up control, especially when that power is ceded to someone like Maddy Wright.

Emergency room doctor Maddy Wright makes it clear from the beginning she’ll never get involved with a soldier. And yet, when Cory leaves on a dangerous mission, she agrees to wait for him. Can their fragile new relationship withstand this separation? One thing Maddy knows for sure. She sucks at this whole military girlfriend thing. And how in the world will she tell Cory he’s going to be a father?

To love a soldier…

U.S. Army Ranger Chase Richards no longer thinks of Ella Foster as his best friend’s little sister. He knows she’s “The One” for him. The one who brings him joy and makes his life complete. But he also has an unbreakable allegiance to the Ranger team. Is there room in his life to commit to both?

Ella Foster’s past is filled with bad choices and lousy guys. But Chase is so much more, so much better. Does she really deserve such happiness?

With an old enemy and a jealous ex tangled in the mix, the Ranger team starts to unravel. And then the unthinkable happens. Will the lives of these warriors and the women who love them be altered forever?
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