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Simple feline base

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Please, read the rules carefully before buying.
By Purchacing you agree to the terms and conditions. You also confirm being over 18 years old. 
-You are not allowed to sell or give/gift the base to anyone.
-If your friend wants to use the base, they need to buy copy for themselves.
-You can use the base to make profit out of adoptables and references. However, you MAY NOT make profit by using the base to create prints, items etc (aka commercial use).
Please, remember to credit me in the description whenever you use the base to create something! Also DO NOT remove my signature from the lineart.
You will get a PSD (8MB) file

Pre-shaded cat base ADDON-PACK [HUMANOID]


Feral kitsune - basic (no shading)


Original kitsune base [HAIR ADDON PACK]


Cerberus [P2U base]


Unicorn/horse [P2U base]


Mermaid [P2U base]


Bat [P2U base]


Chibi outfit base [P2U base]


Gryphon lineart base


Elf lineart base [fully colored]