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Eye of Typhoon

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Looking back on his career as a film emperor, Liang Sicheng is in favor of fate, and Cao Ye is an indispensable part of his fate.
Entertainment circle, prodigal x evil, mutual attack, interlude.
One day, Cao Ye announced an explosive news: he was with Liang Sizhe!
But none of his friends were shocked.
Friend A: only you two in the world have just heard the news, OK?
Friend B: you two didn't together before?
Friend C: Are you insensitive?I just woke up.
Friend D: Oh, I thought you had been on and off 800 times.

Typhoon eye: the center of a typhoon is a strong weather system occurring in the tropical ocean. It increases gradually from the periphery to the center, and then increases rapidly. However, in the center area with a diameter of tens of kilometers, the wind force decreases rapidly, the rainfall stops, and there is a little cloud sky with sunshine in the daytime and stars in the evening.
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