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THE BURGER BOOK • Raw Vegan Burgers (eBook)

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Melissa Maris

It's here!!! The Burger Book is ready for YOU!

***You will need a dehydrator for this book as most of the recipes require one, but if you weren't worried about things being "completely raw" then you could use the oven. It's all plant based so anyone can enjoy these options! You don't have to be a raw vegan to enjoy more raw vegan options in your life!

This ebook had 144 recipes inside to help you create delicious burger combos using raw vegan ingredients. This book is oil-free and most of the recipes are low to no fat. 

Included in this ebook:

• 3 Bun options (how to cut The "Iceburger", Sesame Mushroom caps and Apple "Rye" bread)
• 60 Burger recipe options (40 low-fat and 20 moderate nut or seed-based)
• 40 Low Fat sauce options
• 21 Higer Fat sauce options (use sparingly on a lower-fat diet - you can still enjoy these!)
• 20 Topping options (avocado fries, onion rings, caramelized onions, pickles, kraut, etc)
• 20 Salads & Sides to enjoy with your burgers or stand-alone!

Here is a list of all the recipes included:

mega mushroom burger
teriyaki burger
mexi burger
curry & chutney burger
BBQ burger
sweet onion burger
Hawaiian pizza burger
super spicy burger
garlic lovers burger
beet burger
pepita citrus burger
BLT burger
smoky carrot burger
super green kale burger
oregano greek burger
cauliflower masala burger
crabby burger
fresh herb ranch burger
apple cranberry burger
mushroom dill burger
sprouted lentil burger
Pulled fork burger
Tuscany burger
Asian mustard burger
peppercorn burger
Reuben burger
sunshine garden burger
chipotle corn burger
sweet n sour cauliflower burger
island spice burger
super ginger burger
spicy tandoori burger
ginger bbq burger
sushi burger
cheezy broccoli burger
fajita burger
cilantro burger
Thai coconut burger
stroganoff burger
mango tango burger
Classic nut burger
falafel burger
buongiorno italian burger
loaded omega burger
buffalo chickie burger
no fish harmed burger
hummus burger
sour cream n' onion burger
pesto burger
butterless chickenless burger
Nacho cheeseburger
chili cheeseburger
avocado burger
spicy ginger almond burger
the brunch burger
Chickie caesar burger
chickie parm burger
Goddess burger
creamy spinach burger
juicy lucy burger

Ginger Sticky sauce
Salsa Sauce
smoky bbq sauce
herby ginger
basil marinara
sweet sauce
super garlic
pineapple tomato
classic mustard
sweet n' spicy mustard
curry ketchup
sweet horseradish sauce
chipotle spike
apple cranberry
tangy dill
mango tango
peachy thyme
sweet chili
teriyaki sauce
Tzatziki sour cream
Thai coconut curry
stroganoff sauce
spicy ginger almond
Nacho cheese sauce
buffalo sauce
tartar sauce
mac sauce
creamy horseradish ranch
jalapeno onion cream
butterless chickenless sauce
garlic mangonaise
chipotle mangonaise
masala mangonaise
avo cilantro
spicy ketchup cream
Russian spice
divine lime
zesty pumpkin
classic relish
sweet apricot chutney
crispy onion rings
caramelized onions
eggplant bakn
cilantro guacamole
Reuben kraut
marinated mushrooms
pickled onions
herby cashew cheese
cultured sunflower hummus
avocado fries
soft & seasoned bells
curried carrot strips
nacho chips
mango jalapeno salsa
sweet n sour pulled oyster mushrooms
coconut vegg
creamy spinach

Lissa's ballpark salad
classic coleslaw
carrot chili slaw
no-potato salad
mac n cheese
mustard french salad
fresh cucumber salad
sweet corn salad
caesar wedges
cauliflower masala
sweet Waldorf
BBQ cauliflower wings
sweet chili bites
chili garlic coodles
tomato zoodles
massaged kale salad
spinach dip n veggies
chipotle lentil chili
classic tomato soup

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* NOTE * I am not a purist, I do randomly use a dehydrator, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, spices, garlic, nutritional yeast, cashews, coconut aminos a small amount of coconut nectar, etc. I just don't cook any of my food. You can leave items out if they bother you, and I do offer replacement suggestions at the beginning of the book. Just letting some of you know in case you were curious before purchasing recipe books from me. I hope you enjoy!

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*** Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be NO refunds issued, and no exceptions. This is an electronic, digital book, NOT A PHYSICAL COPY! You can order those via AMAZON if you want a printed version. Once your payment is complete, you should receive an email with a download link. If you have problems downloading, try using a different browser. ALWAYS back up your files after downloading. If you have further issues, contact me at • • with a screenshot copy of your receipt with the date of purchase and correct email address :)
You will get a PDF (115MB) file
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