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Emerge: an Iron Sharpening Iron Collaboration

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Ten souls in a clinic where people with powers are forced to "fit in" to society learn that one group session can be more therapeutic than they thought possible ... if they live through it.

Blue is a tree fairy who's been bullied for her "disability," a double set of wings. Of all the roommates she could have been stuck with, Sydeera Gibbor, a sharp-tongued time weaver, has to be the worst. But Blue has no choice. None of the residents of the Emerge clinic do, forced, as they are, because of their special abilities, to receive counseling and deal with their difficulties fitting into normal society.

Blue can see that the handsome fire genie and his hot-tempered ex-military roommate seem to be faring no better. Anyone with fire abilities (or a secret smoker) would be on edge when alarms keep making them evacuate the building.

Blue can't escape the feeling that there's someone or something else around that no one can see. There's even one strange patient who keeps getting younger every time Blue sees him. Throw in an irresistible, seemingly helpless child, a providentially-protected monk, and a baby dragon, and Blue knows the director of the clinic's got her shadow-manipulating hands full. She just doesn't know that Dr. Parween's got an agenda that nobody imagined for the residents, and there's no guarantee any of them will emerge unscathed.

Ten authors created ten characters and shared them with each other to create unique stories you won't want to miss. Collect all the ROOO (Realms of Our Own) stories and keep the amazement going.
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