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With their flair for engaging storytelling and a renowned love and respect for literature and the arts, the French Boys have something for everyone. Featuring five captivating stories set among rolling hills, village squares and the rooftops of Paris - the birthplace of cinema has never looked this inviting.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 42mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles

SO LONG, PARIS! dir. Charles Dudoignon-Valade
What happens when a runaway child, refusing to accept the divorce of their parents, discovers that one of them is in a relationship with another man? Wandering through the cobbled streets of Paris, the night provides all the answers that are needed in this delightful love letter to a city famed for its eccentric inhabitants, bright lights and never-ending reverie.

FREED (Baltringue) dir. Josza Anjembe
A few days after he's released from prison, twenty-year-old Issa encounters a new inmate, Gaëtan. As rumours begin to swirl of his imminent release, Issa must do all he can to keep a lid on his emotions - and impulses.

VINCENT BEFORE NOON (Vincent avant midi) dir. Guillaume Mainguet
A father arrives at his son Vincent's studio and interrupts him in the middle of moving house. Conflict has kept them apart for many years and, although vulnerable, Vincent's father announces the reason for his visit. In a few minutes, anger, memories, and entangled points of view overwhelm the two men.

SUNSET CEMETERY (Extérieur crépuscule) dir. Roman Kané
Joseph isn't particularly happy, although he hides it rather well. The day his brother dies, the certainty sets in that life will pass him by. To ensure this doesn't happen, one evening, he gives in to his desire.

BEAUTY BOYS dir. Florent Gouëlou
In a small village, aspiring drag artist Leo and his big brother - aspiring rapper Jules - enter themselves in a talent competition. On the big night, surprises are in store not only for the townsfolk but the siblings and their friends.
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