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The Forgotten Conquerors

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'The Forgotten Conquerors’ refers to a period in Crete’s history that is neglected (as in the case of the Ottoman occupation) in favour of the more 'acceptable' Greek and Venetian eras. A few coins, a remarkable 11th-century Byzantine codex, and the writings of Islamic (and some Greek historians) have ensured that we can critically reflect on a significant period in Crete’s history.

The Andalusian Arabs who established an independent Emirate on Crete, were absent in any of the history books when I was growing up. This is my attempt to recover elements of that period and to dispel the myth that this was a 'dark period' in the history of the island.  

I am indebted to historian M. Ballan, for his permission to use information from his blog and Archaeologist L. Starida for sharing with me references from her remarkable work.  Mehri Publication Ltd. London for publishing the original hardcover version (now sold out)  and  Dr. Fatemeh Takhtkesian for designing the layout and typography of the first edition.

George Sfougaras

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