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I hope you enjoy these samples of clean, award-winning health and wellness products.

You may not see or feel immediate benefits from samples, as most products are effective with time and consistent use. The intent of samples is for you to experience the taste and understand the benefits of the products.

Your sample package contains the following 7 products:
  1. Liquid BioCell® Collagen - Get active joints, improved muscle tone, eye and gum health, youthful skin, growing nails and hair with this award-winning, multi-patented collagen matrix that will completely change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you age.* Comes in 5 formulas: Life, Pure, Skin, and Sport. Shake pouch well before use. Take 1 pouch twice daily for optimal results. Read more at this link
  2. Trim - A first-in-the-world combination of technologies to inhibit fat storage, reduce fat cell formation, improve muscle tone, and restore youthful skin. Comes in 5 flavors: Vanilla, Lemon, Mango, Chocolate, and Coconut Lime. Take one tablespoon directly by mouth daily, preferably in the morning. Click here to learn more.
  3. Probiotic Support - This evolutionary encapsulation technology ensures more beneficial bacteria reach your gut intact, with a guaranteed 5 billion cells. Colonizes up to 5 times better than typical uncoated probiotic strains.* Consume the stick pack with a meal. No water needed. Click here for more details. 
  4. Revitalize - Supports metabolism, enhances energy and hydrates with a powerful blend of 70+ trace minerals.* Transforms ordinary water with supercharged minerals and comes in convenient stick packs you can mix anytime, anywhere. Mix one packet in 16 fl oz of water. Stir to dissolve. More info at this link
  5. Sustain - A delicious protein supplement that uses plant-derived protein along with 25 vitamins and minerals to help you control your appetite, reduce daily calories, and feel fuller longer.* Mix one packet with 6-8 fl oz of cold water or your favorite low-calorie milk. Unsweetened almond milk is recommended. Click here for more info.
  6. Logiq™ With Tetrablend™ Coffee - Is smarter than coffee. Add it to your daily morning ritual, and you will think sharper, look better, and achieve more.* Dissolve one stick pack into 8-10 fl oz of hot water. See the detail at this link
  7. GO - A holistic, bio-hacking approach to brain health with natural caffeine from green tea plus 24 powerful support ingredients, including 8 brain-boosting nootropics or "smart drugs", all working together to help you maintain peak performance any time of day.* Mix 1 packet in 8-12 fl oz of cold water and shake or stir until dissolved. Check it out at this link.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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