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The Complete Drummer's Guide (eBook Version)

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Presenting: "The Complete Drummer's Guide (eBook Version)." 

Please note, this is the exact same book as the well known printed book version (which is only available in Australia, NZ, and more recently Malaysia) only now available to anyone anywhere via this downloadable eBook option. 

"The Complete Drummer's Guide" is based on the concept of presenting "Progressive Steps To Syncopation," applied to the drum set. And that's just for starters.

This is by far the most comprehensive method of its kind available anywhere on today's market, and literally covers all the fundamentals of drumming.

With Separate Backing Tracks (zip folder)

This Is a Best Seller & Acclaimed As The Industry Standard Drum Publication Throughout Australia and is available here in this downloadable version.

Here Are More Details...

Interactive PDF eBook:

The PDF eBook itself is interactive and can be opened on any device.

Being interactive means you can conveniently navigate your way throughout the book at will, simply by clicking (or tapping) any topic within the table of contents pages, as well as by clicking (or tapping) the headings, at the top of every page (which will always take you back to the first table of contents page).

There's a separate zip file to download for the backing tracks. 

All of the backing tracks can then be loaded into a media player - such as iTunes, or Windows Media Player, for playback from there.

Let's Now Find Out What's On Offer:

Firstly, "The Complete Drummer's Guide" covers all the fundamentals of drumming "All In One" convenient formula. If you were to learn the contents of this book, you would then have the ability to read & understand any drum notation, presented in any drum book, drum chart, or drum transcription.

In fact, you could think of this method as, progressive steps to syncopation applied to the drum set, because that's exactly what it is, a step by step guide through all of the various music subdivisions, where each step is applied to the drum set progressively.    

The Subjects Include:

  • All of the rudiments (plus additional hybrid rudiments).
  • All of the reading subdivisions, presented firstly as basic snare drum exercises, ranging from quarter notes to 32nd notes and all of the subdivisions in between.
  • These basic reading exercises are then progressively applied to the drum set, in the form of grooves in nearly all musical styles (including, Rock, Blues, Shuffle Rock, Disco, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Half Time Shuffle, Jazz & Latin, etc.).  
  • Then there's drum fill & soloing ideas, linear drumming patterns and odd times, etc.
  • Various Re-Work Concepts Ideas - (which turn the book into an open-ended drum set study).
  • "The Complete Drummer's Guide (eBook Version)" can be yours for just $9.00 USD and that's cheaper than a pair of drum sticks. But unlike a pair of drum sticks, which you will end up buying many times throughout your career, buying this method is a one-time transaction.
To download a copy for yourself, simply click the "Buy Now" (or "Add To Cart") button on this page.

You won't be disappointed and if for some reason you are, your money will be refunded.

Good luck and have fun!

P.S. The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version) was recently discontinued, however in reality it continued to be available, but just in a different form.

Basically the "Full Version" was (or is) a combination of both this book (The Complete Drummer's Guide) combined with The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book of Drum Charts). 

Therefore is you bought The Complete Drummer's Guide (printed, or ebook versions) and then added The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book of Drum Charts) to your collection, this means you would own the equivalent of The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version).

So, due to popular demand, I'm happy to announce the return of "The Complete Drummer's Guide Full Version" in an all new 2 in 1 box set combo.

Please note, buying it this way saves you $2.

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You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (91MB)
  • PDF (32MB)
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