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Brotherhood & Betrayal: The Streets Pity No One

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There is nothing poetic, nor is there any price worth paying for the life we choose to live on the streets. I’ve finally learned that lesson, but far too late. The pain that I’ve caused to my family and friends is unfathomable. It’s not until you become older and start to reflect on your life choices, that you realize how dreadful you have made life for those around you. My wife Chinadoll is infinitely acquainted to this pain. The stuff I put her through, is something I will regret for the rest of my life This book is an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of street gang and motorcycle club life. This isn't the run of the mill book that doesn't give the goods. This book will go into detail of events that actually happened. All material in this book has been approved by those involved in.The start of the book we go on a journey through my time with the Simon City Royals. As a member of the Royals I established one of the notorious chapters, Franklin Park, with Cicero Red and still thrives. The book will also highlight the Predadores Street Organization, an organization with many chapters throughout the United States Penal institutions. Finally I detail motorcycle clubs, one that I was in and my thoughts on what's really hurting the scene. The Street life isn't pretty, it's also a life many don't understand, it's my hope people will learn from my mistakes and choose a different path.
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