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WWII Military Locations in and around Townsville

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This PDF file contains a detailed description of WWII Military Camps and locations in and around Townsville during WWII.

You will be amazed at the extent of the military occupation of the Townsville area during WWII. Learn about the following locations:-
Base Section 2 Headquarters
12 airfields around Townsville
2/14th AGH Pallarenda
RAAF Central Sick Quarters "Currajong"
12th Station Hospital, US Army - Mysterton Estate
13th Station Hospital, US Army - Aitkenvale
44th General Hospital, US Army - Black River
US Naval Hospital Rowes Bay
RAAF Base Pool Camp Aitkenvale
Showgrounds Camp, Australian Army
Armstrongs Paddock, US Army - Gulliver
Camp Cameron Park, US Army
Camp Cutheringa, US Army
Camp Hugh Street, US Army
Project 2 Transient Camp, USAAF - Garbutt
Camp Victoria Park, US Army - South Townsville
Camp Cluden, US Army
Aitkenvale Cool Stores, US Army
Aviation Gasoline Dump, USAAF - Deeragun
US Base Engineers, US Army
US Camp, Cameron St - Railway Estate
Roseneath Orderley Room
Camp Bluewater, US Army
Quartermaster Issue Warehouse - old Brewery building
American Red Cross Nurses Club - The Strand
American Red Cross Centre - Denham Street
American Red Cross Services Club B14 (Coloured) - Flinders Street
Australian Red Cross
Air Raid Shelters
Civilian War Effort
Everymans & Everywomans Hut - Stanley Street
RAAF Recreation Centre - The Strand
Medical Supply Depot - Sun Picture Theatre
US Army Stockade - Queens Park
Carlton Park Sports Area, US Army - now Corcoran Park
Camp McClung Remount Depot, US Army
13th Australian Personnel Staging Camp Oonoonba
19th Australian Personnel Staging Camp Julago
No. 2 Air Depot, USAAF - Mount Louisa area
Movie stars and other celebrities
Koala Ordnance Service Centre, US Army
Kangaroo Ordnance Depot, US Army
US Landing ships at Kissing Point
US Army Cemetery - Belgian Gardens
Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery - Belgian Gardens
US War Dog Training School, US Army
Base Signal Corps, Signal Office - Beak House, Flinders Street
Signal Corps Townsville General Depot - Aitkenvale
No. 2 US Air Command Operations and Signals Bunker - Garbutt
Operations & Signals Bunker, RAAF - West End
3 Fighter Sector Headquarters, RAAF - Stuart
No. 1 Wireless Unit Bunker, RAAF - Stuart
Australian Army Signals Office - Stuart
Ammunition Magazine, Australian Army - Castle Hill
208th Coast Artilley (AA) Regiment Gun Stations, US Army
16th Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery Gun Stations, Australian Army
RAN Wireless Station - Stanton Lodge
RAN Wireless Station Victoria Park - South Townsville
HMAS Magnetic, RAN - The Strand
RAN Naval Victualling Depot - Hanran Street, City 
RAN Oil Storage Tanks - Railway Estate
Naval Ammunition Dump - Brookhill
US Navy Base Townsville - Navy 143
US Army Officer Quarters - Queens Hotel and Buchanans Hotel
HQs Company Base Section 2, US Army billets - Empire Hotel
US Base Section 2 Officer's Club - Hermit Park
Australian Army Officer's Club - Seaview Hotel
Australian Army Canteen - Blackwood Street
Allied Works Council Workshops - Oonoonba
Bitumen Emulsion Plant - Oonoonba
41 DCRE Works Camp, Australian Army - Rowes Bay
Scorched Earth Policy for Townsville
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