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In the Near Future...

The global catastrophe wiped out billions of lives, leaving only pockets of the heartiest survivors struggling to create a new life among the ashes. After many trials, you have found a favorable spot to set up your new home in the heart of the unforgiving wasteland. Using the remains of an old roadside structure, you manage to build a makeshift room that will provide protection from the harsh elements. In order to survive here longer than a few days, however, you will need to find a means of collecting water and food, expanding your settlement, and maybe even finding other survivors willing to join your new community. With a little ingenuity and a lot of luck, you see a glimpse of hope - until a band of roving raiders enters your settlement and threatens your life. This settlement is your last hope, and you therefore give it an appropriate name: HOLDOUT.

Holdout is a solitaire, roll-and-write resource management game in which you must grow your wasteland settlement and achieve certain objectives by the end of 6 game rounds. You must carefully manage water, food, shelter, community, ingenuity, and defense, the latter being important for repelling attacking raiders at the end of each round. You will also encounter wanderers in the wasteland, who will offer their skills in return for your help. Survive until the end and meet the scenario objectives to win the game!

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