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Dimitri is becoming frustrated with the Human Management department. As an angel, it is his job to deliver a soon to be departed human soul to the tribunal for judgment. This human soul is long overdue, and Dimitri is getting ornery, turning to bourbon to entertain himself. 

When the time finally comes to collect the soul, Dimitri's counterpart from the dark underworld arrives. The collecting of a soul requires them both to argue the soul's case in front of a judge. Dimitri has never met the sultry Lakim before. He's new in the area. 

And he's gorgeous. 

As Lakim flutters above him, Dimitri is overwhelmed by the beauty and grace of the dark-skinned angel. There is something incredibly seductive about him. 

When Lakim hints at his interest, Dimitri heads home with visions of Lakim in all sorts of lurid positions looming in his mind. Will Lakim follow through and fulfill his need to be dominated? 

Lakim arrives at his window late that night. The game is on. One ethereal being will be overpowering another before the night is through.
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