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Where Do We Go From Here? 2021 - Audio Only

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Judie Palmer, Professional Psychic Medium - Augest 21, 2021

As a follow-up to her presentation on spirit communication, Judie will focus on the passage into the afterlife and the phases in between lifetimes. Is it possible that our loved ones maintain a level of consciousness much like ours? What are the steps a spirit must take to become a guide for the living? Judie will present the phases between each lifetime, and how our attitudes and emotions determine if our afterlife journey is going to be smooth or bumpy. Other factors will be included, such as reincarnation stages, past life karma, and linear-minded perceptions.

Judie Palmer is a professional Psychic Medium in Spiritual Wellness. Her natural-born abilities have helped thousands of clients contact their spiritual guides and loved ones over the past 46 years. She is the originator of the at her place of business, Natural Healings in Martinez, CA. She is also the author of the guided imagery, “Communicating with Spirit Friends.
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