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Nothing Hurts Quite Like Grief

Join grief therapist Jenni Brennan as she supportively guides you through the Understanding Your Grief online series.

Designed to help you feel understood and supported in your grief journey, the series is broken into 5 topic areas:

  • What is "normal" grief?
  • How can I improve my coping skills?
  • Why are people so bad at supporting grievers?
  • How can I find ways to feel connected to my loved one?
  • What are my next steps in my grief journey?

Complete with an informative video, multiple journal prompts, and a thoughtfully designed topic list, each of the 5 topic areas will explore a different aspect of your grief journey and provide you with tools to help you feel more in control.

When you register for the series, you will also receive an invitation to join a special Facebook group just for individuals who are also enrolled in this supportive grief series. This Facebook group will provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with others around their grief in a safe pace.

This purchase also includes Jenni's newest e-book/workbook: "Understanding Your Grief"

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