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Understanding Your Grief Online Series

Are You Tired of Feeling Alone In Your Grief?

Join grief therapist Jenni Brennan as she supportively guides you through the transformative, self-paced, and supportive Understanding Your Grief online series.


  • Gain a profound understanding of the grieving process.
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms and self-care practices.
  • Discover effective strategies to manage overwhelming emotions.
  • Find comfort and solace in a supportive community of fellow grievers. 
  • Develop resilience and embark on the path to healing and transformation.

Designed to help you feel understood and supported in your grief journey, the series is broken into 5 topic areas.

Complete with an informative video, multiple journal prompts, and a thoughtfully designed topic list, each of the 5 topic areas will explore a different aspect of your grief journey and provide you with tools to help you feel more in control.

Module #1: What is Grief?

Learn the definition of grief, common grief reactions, myths and facts about grief, and various models and theories of grief.

Module #2: How Can I Improve My Coping Skills?

Explore strategies for improving your coping skills and insights into why doing so is so important.

Module #3: Why Are People So Bad At Supporting Grievers?

Dive into some of the common experiences grievers face within their support network and what the research tells us about why so many grievers feel unsupported.

Module #4: How Can I Feel More Connected To My Loved One?

Examine methods and rationales for finding new ways to connect with the memory of your loved one.


Module #5: Where Do I Go From Here?

Review the four main steps grief therapist Jenni Brennan encourages all grievers to take to continue moving forward in their grief journey.


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Bonus #1: Understanding Your Grief E-Book and Workbook

Enhance your learning experience with this bonus 30-page e-book/workbook, meticulously crafted to complement the course content. This resource will serve as your companion, offering practical exercises, thought-provoking prompts, and personalized guidance to help you navigate your unique grief journey.

Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group

When you register for the series, you will also receive an invitation to join a special Facebook group just for individuals who are also enrolled in this supportive grief series. This Facebook group will provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with others around their grief in a safe pace.

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