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Axel wants to be seen but not touched.

Noah likes to look and fantasize but never touch.

Noah knows he’s a freak, but he’s been dreaming of watching a Pride parade, in the flesh, for as long as he can remember, and he’s finally figured out how to do it. Wearing a furry wolf costume seems an ideal disguise for watching all the beautiful people at Pride without being identified. Safe in his costume, he can ogle to his heart’s content without being called a perv. The thought of getting physical in real life with an actual person gives him the shivers, but he doesn’t want to spend his life alone.

Axel’s idea of Heaven is doing his bit for ACE education on a parade float, wearing next to nothing and sharing his magnificence without the awkwardness of getting hit on. Only one person turns Axel on and deserves the privilege of touching him, and that’s himself. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get lonely sometimes.

A match made in Heaven, or parade floats that never connect at a sweltering Pride?

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