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6x9. 56 pages
"One of the most important books children following protests in 2020 America will read."
In her debut book, 15-year-old Alejandra Stack shares insight on becoming an activist, from picking a passion, to joining an organization, taking up leadership positions, protesting and even letting your parents know you are serious.
An award-winning journalist, actress, entrepreneur and former NAACP Youth Council President, Allie documents her journey which began at age 11 and led her to make a difference in the community and the world. She also shares photos from significant moments in her life with living legends, elders and others who prove that it takes village elders to lead the next generation.
Praised by educators and youth group leaders as "an inspiring look into the life of young leader", 'Activate Your Activism' has been considered for curriculums, youth and African-American book clubs.
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